Lotus Herbals Company Description

To unlock the strength of purity which lies within every human being and living thing, Lotus Herbals has harnessed the power of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and with knowledge and care masterfully blended the sacred fruit of India into potent synergies that clear away all that prevents the inner beauty from shining through. The lotus blossom, sacred to India because of its divine purity, strength, and beauty, represents the central purpose of the Lotus Herbals company, which is to unlock these divine qualities everyone. In accordance with the principles of the Ayurveda, yet accompanied by the insight and power of modern technique, Lotus Herbal products are mixed with care and precision from the purest natural ingredients to render the safest and most effective products possible.

Lotus Herbals is an environmentally conscious company that uses only natural ingredients in their wide range of products. All Lotus Herbals products are made from the finest ayurvedic herbs, oils, creams, and spices that India has to offer. These all natural ingredients are carefully blended to maximize their effectiveness, but all the while kept made absolutely safe for long term use. The ayurvedic herbs and oils from which Lotus Herbals products are made have been thoroughly tested over thousands of years, and now, with a deep understanding of the nature and effects of these herbs, they are blended to perfection without the need for cruel animal testing. Lotus Herbals aims to bring health to their customers, that their inner beauty may be released from the bonds of disease and discomfort. Their commitment to the health of their customers, is an integral part of their commitment to the health of the world, which is why Lotus Herbals products are 100% natural and safe.

Humanity now stands in a unique place in history, there is an abundance of wisdom left to us from our ancestors, and we are daily realizing new powers for insight and production, which when coupled together provides us with an unprecedented ability to address the problems we face today. This is no more true than in the modern world of Ayurvedic medicine. Lotus Herbals finds itself in this unique niche where it can render the hundreds and thousands of powerful herbal treatments handed down from ages long ago into new and vital natural formulations with hitherto unmatched precision and potency. Lotus Herbals takes the purest naturally active ingredients and with the technical power of their modern laboratory and manufacturing facility they make some of the best ayurvedic cosmetic products in the world today.

Lotus Herbals is one of the leaders in beauty Ayurvedic products. Centered in the capital of India, New Delhi, and bearing the sacred Lotus flower as their symbol they represent the heart of what India offers the world. They are a relatively small company with big hearts, and it is their goal to share their hearts, and the heart of their country with the world. Lotus Herbals believes that Mother Earth has provided us with the things we need to live healthy, happy, and beautiful lives, and they aim to help people all over the world do that with their healing and nourishing line of Ayurvedic beauty products. Imitating nature at its best, Lotus Herbals products are a safe, effective, and natural route to a healthier and more beautiful you.


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