Forest Essentials Company Description

Forest Essentials is a young company that is steadily growing to show its head above the tree line. Like a tree, Forest Essentials has set its roots firmly in the land where it was planted. Respect for the land and its people makes up the core of the Forest Essentials company, as it both draws its life from this land and returns the fruit of its labors to it.  Forest Essentials was planted in 2000 after many years of dedicated and meticulous research and development, at which time it broke ground and set up its production centers in the Himalayas, in the Indian state of Uttaranchal. By building on the cultural heritage of Ayurveda and traditional Indian handicrafts andutilizing the ever evolving scientific knowledge and technological capabilities, Forest Essentials has formed a more perfect union in the understanding of health and beauty and from here developed a remarkable range of innovative ayurvedic products.
Forest Essential products are made only from the purest botanical extracts, taken freshly from the forests of the Uttaranchal. Only naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts are used in Forest Essential products, because plants, unlike chemicals,are full of the vibrations which are the force of life. Forest Essentials dedication to the purity and vibrance the subtle vibrations of life, has kept their small company out of the crowded and polluted cities and up in the hills of the Himalaya. Forest Essentials products are not made in factories of industrial areas, but in the pure and open air of forested mountain passes. All products are made with their own fresh spring water which has being certified by French laboratories to be rich in minerals and to bear therapeutic and regenerative properties thereby.
 Forest Essentials brought together many highly trained and vastly experienced ayurvedic physicians to brainstorm, innovate and develop the many traditional ayurvedic formulations into yet more effective preparations. Theyuse age-old Ayurvedic formulations, which supply many of the principle herbal combinations and oil formulas for their products, and this is then supplementedby the understanding of a modern biochemist to create products that have their basis in India’s oldest science but presented in an easy-to-use manner.Forest Essentials believes that every product ought to be as enjoyable as it is effective. Therefore, they have made much effort to develop innovative formulas that advance the performance of familiar or exotic ingredients, and artfully employ sensuous textures and scents to make for a uniquely gratifying multi-sensory experience.
Wholly committed to the health of humanity and the environment, Forest Essentials holds itself very strictly to a handful of important rules and quality assurance practices. To ensure quality, Forest Essentials continually tests the ingredients and products at all stages of production. Using state-of-the-art particle analysis technology they maintain certainty that none of their products contain any heavy metals of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, they maintain a clean and safe work environment to prevent any pathogenic contaminations. However, their commitment to health does not stop there, Forest Essentials is committed to the emotional, psychological and spiritual health of its employees and the villages in which it works. Consequently, it holds itself to these five standards:
•    Products are never tested on animals
•    None of its products are manufactured using child labor.
•    We support traditional production methods
•    We give support to local suppliers supporting local employment
•    Our products are based on the finest traditional Ayurvedic recipes.
Each of these standards reflects Forest Essentials’ respect for tradition, community, and life. Forest Essentials products are in every way a product of life, both supporting life and the fruit of it.


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